Use the Bookmarklet for faster saving of links

The fastest way to add bookmarks is with the help of our bookmarklet. Bookmarklets are little snippets of Javascript that can be executed from your browser's bookmarks bar. Drag the bookmarklet button below to your browser's personal bookmarks bar and you're ready to go.

Bookmarklet: Add-to-Konektom

To add a website to your collection, just click the saved bookmarklet while visiting that site.

Unfortunately not all sites can be saved in this way, e.g. sites from This is because of current browser's Content Security Policy defaults.

Android app for bookmarking from your phone

A simple app that hooks into the share intent for easier creation of bookmarks.

Tag consolidation

We have developed a number of tools to keep your tags tidy.

API access

There exists an API. It is in beta stage and might change any time.

Import existing bookmarks

All browsers and bookmarking services should have the option to export your bookmarks in the Netscape HTML format.

You can import your existing collection of bookmarks here.

Export your collection

While we take great care to not lose any of your data, we recommend you to backup your collection from time to time.

Export in Netscape HTML format