About Konektom.org

Konektom.org is a collaborative bookmarking service named after the connectome — the brain's wiring diagram. Once you start bookmarking with Konektom.org you will get more URLs recommended based on the bookmarks you create.

Konektom.org is online since Friday 19 December, 2014, sometime in the evening (DĂĽsseldorf time).

Currently, 4.2k users store 32.9k bookmarks and 12.4k tags.


Get in touch by email to contact@konektom.org. Tell us about your experience and feature requests, in English or German.

For news and updates follow @konektom_org on Twitter. Konektom.org is brought to you by @czam_de and @ephes.

For more details see our legal notes in German:
Impressum & Datenschutzerklärung.

Frequently asked questions

How to get started?

After signing up you will receive a confirmation email. Click the link in this email to activate your account. After logging in, start creating some bookmarks. Bookmarking is easier if you use our bookmarklet or Android app. By using tags and the related link feature, you help us determine which other links might interest you. After creating a few bookmarks you will see some recommended links show up.

Who can see what?

Logged-in users can see their own bookmarks (URLs and titles) with related bookmarks, and their tags. Anonymous users can see and search for all URLs and related URLs. So if you create bookmarks on a topic for which no other user has made any bookmarks, an anonymous user could learn something about what bookmarks you put the same tag on or you think are related to each other. However, other users (logged-in or anonymous) do not see who bookmarked what, we think that is an important privacy feature of Konektom.org.

Is it free?

We have to figure the details out but we plan to go with a freemium model. That means the basic functionality is free and we will provide a premium option for advanced features.

Can I export my bookmarks?

Yes. We believe it's crucial for a bookmarking service to let the users own their data. At the moment we provide an export to the Netscape HTML bookmark format, which can be imported almost anywhere. To export please got to our tools page.

Can I import my bookmarks?

Yes, at the moment you can import bookmarks in the Netscape HTML format which can be exported from most browsers and bookmarking services. Just try if it works with your file, since you can undo imports nothing is to be worried about.

Is there an API?

Yes, we use Django Rest Framework to provide an API. It is in beta!